Skills lead to success, so check out Macmillan Skills for Study.


Skills lead to success, so check out Macmillan Skills for Study.


MacMillan Skills For Study offers a range of modules to help you develop all the skills you need to make your time at University a success. It’s had a complete makeover and it’s now better than ever, so there’s never been a better time to make a start!

Modules include

Getting ready for academic study
New to higher academic study? This module will help to prepare you for what’s ahead, especially within your first term, introducing you to various techniques that will help you progress through your studies.

Time management
Ever feel like your focus is slipping or you just don’t know where to begin? This module will help to set you on the right track, train you to focus and prioritise when completing tasks and reduce your time spent thinking rather than doing.

Reading and Note Making
Do you struggle when researching for assignments or taking notes during lectures? This module aims to help you in identifying the most relevant information and recording it successfully, whether its research, lectures or other form of learning.

Critical Thinking Skills
Do you struggle when making a decision/judgement over a particular statement or view? This module will help you to understand what critical thinking is and to think more critically about what you are researching, reading and writing.

Macmillan Skills for Study

Group Work and Presentations
Do you ever struggle to get a group project off the ground or feel the nerves when it comes to doing a presentation? This module is designed to develop your skills of working with others and to make you feel more comfortable and at ease when presenting work.

Confidence with numbers
Have difficulty incorporating numbers into your work in the correct way? This module will has help you to understand numbers better and how to incorporate these into your assignments in a professional manner.

Exam skills
Do you feel uncertain when exams are on the horizon? This module with give you an insight into how to deal with different types of exams, the preparation required and how to use these experiences to improve future exams.

Research principles
Struggle knowing where to begin when gathering information for an assignment? Through this module you can learn the skills to research successfully and how best to use this information

Projects, dissertations and reports
Feel overwhelmed with the different styles of work you need to complete? With this module you can develop an understanding for different formats of work and how best to complete them.

Employability and personal development
What do you do at the end of your course? This module gets you thinking about the whole process from employers and applications through to interviews.

It may help to take the diagnostic test before you start working through the module to identify which sections of the module are most relevant to you.

You can work your way through the module sections at your own pace – progressing through each section from start to finish, or opting to dip in and out as you please. Each module includes self-assessment quizzes and videos with students’ tips to help you along the way.

You can pick up where you last left off on the site at any time. And you can work through any module again whenever you need to, if you want to brush up your skills further down the line.

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Need more help?

Our Learning Skills Team have created a collection of online resources to support you in taking ownership of your academic skills development. The Learning Skills Hub hosts short modules on time management, assignment preparation, conducting research, writing literature reviews and lots more. The Learning Skills Team are also available to provide workshops to module groups and offer one-to-ones for personalised advice. You can book appointments with your dedicated Learning Developer or Learning & Research Librarian through the Learning Skills Hub too.

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