Productivity and Motivation.


Productivity and Motivation.

Make this day great!

Finding the motivation to work on an assignment or a project can often be challenging, and you may find it even harder when your normal routine has to change.

Is the sofa, Netflix or a nice nap tempting you away meeting your deadlines? Maybe you are still trying to balance work, childcare and your studies, during half term?

Take a look at our top 6 tips below to promote your motivation, and productivity once you start working.

1. Create a new routine

Routine - try creating a new schedule
Routine” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by planeta

When we do not have a routine or a schedule, it’s easy to fall into bad habits of putting off working on assignments.

Creating a routine can help you stay organised and setting out your schedule onto paper, or a mobile calendar app, can keep you accountable.

Start by listing down all your deadlines, chores and priorities. Now begin adding your actions into a weekly or monthly calendar, starting with the most important or urgent actions first.

If you use a mobile calendar, be sure to add reminders for each of your actions, as this will help you keep on track with your new routine.

At first, adjusting to a new routine may be difficult and you may be easily distracted from the tasks you have set out, but keep to it and new habits will settle-in.

For more guidance on time management, check our Learning Skills hub module or complete the Skills For Study Time Management Module.

2. Change out of your pyjamas

Your mood, and effectiveness, will change depending on your environment and what you wear. Staying in your pyjamas will keep you in a relaxed state of mind and you may find it harder to focus. You wouldn’t do a marathon in pyjamas, so don’t commit yourself to your study in them?

Change into your normal day wear, something that is still comfortable, but prepares you to tackle the day ahead, even if it is at home. This may help reset your mind into study mode and improve your focus.

Check out this article for more.

3. Try a new way of working

This is the perfect time to try some of our online productivity tools, such as OneNote or the Outlook calendar.

Now, we do not recommend you go through an entire upheaval and change all your working methods, new habits take time and they need to work for you as an individual.

Check out IT’s recommended productivity tools and see if any could work for your new online working routine.

4. Find something you enjoy

Camera - Learn more about something you enjoy
Camera” (CC BY 2.0) by aprillynn77

If you have time to spare, look at online development opportunities. We have plenty of modules available for your academic development on Skills For Study, but why not take a look at interesting free online opportunities available via FutureLearn or Open University?

Make time to enjoy your learning and development, this can improve your mindset, allow you to learn something new, and avoid other pesky distractions.

5. Reward yourself

Take time to reflect on your distractions, like the cake in the fridge, the most recent Netflix episode of your favourite series, sporting events (or lack thereof), the group chat with all the recent news, or just the news.

Now, set those distractions as your new reward. Each time you’ve finished a group of actions in your new schedule, reward yourself with some you time. Remember, you still need time to relax and let off steam, you can even add this to your new schedule.

Check out our blog on how to make the best use of your break for more tips.

6. Ask for help

CCCU - Here for you

If you are really struggling with navigating a new routine, as for help. Speak with friends or family for their tips on staying motivated and productive whilst at home.

CCCU is on also on (virtual) hand to offer guidance. Book a tutorial with your Learning Developer for more tips on managing your time effectively or with your Faculty Librarian for searching and accessing information (great blog here with more). You can also visit the IT webpages for guidance on productivity software or accessing apps for learning.

For the most up-to-date guidance, with a list of support services, check the CCCU Student webpages.