You have been given your module handbooks of this semester, and you have been told that you can find many of your course books in the library. But how are you going to go about finding a few books among thousand across three floor? Well, if you read on we have composed a fool-proof guide to finding those all-important books and resources.


The first step is to find the book you need on LibrarySearch.

Quick access to LibrarySearch is available on library terminals, located on all Library floors, or it can be located through your student portal. LibrarySearch is easy to use, all you need to do is enter the author’s last name and a few words from the title to find a specific book. Alternatively if you are looking for a book on a subject area, just enter some key words to describe your subject.

Once you have found the book that you are looking for, click on the title to see if there is a copy available, and to make a note of the classmark. The classmark is a series of numbers followed by three letters, which is the start of the author’s last name or the book’s title.

For example: Cottrell, S. (2013) The study skills handbook. Basingstoke: Palgrave. Has the classmark of 378.170281 COT

Need further help getting started withe LibrarySearch? We have a handy quick-start guide.

Knowing the loan periods

It may not seem important at first glance, but knowing the loan period of the books you are looking for determines what shelves they will be on. The 24-hour and 7 day loan books will be found on the open shelves all down the room on floors one, two and three. Whereas the four week loan books are on the moving shelves at the back of floors one, two, and three.

The final step

Now that you know the classmark and the loan period of the books you need you are almost there, the final step is to get up and go and look for the books on the shelves.

Classmark are signposted at the end of each bookshelf and each book has a sticker with its classmark on the spine. The bookshelf will be in numerical order and the sequence goes up from floors one to three. For example: floor 1 is 000-329, Floor 2 is 330-599, and floor 3 is 600-999.

Once you have found the shelf, look at the numbers on the classmark, and then look at the letters on the classmark as the books will also be arranged alphabetically. Still confused? Check out this step by step guide to classmarks.

Well done, by following these steps you should have found your book! Now you can borrow the book and get studying.

However, if you still can’t find your book after following these steps just visit the Library Point on the Ground Floor of the Library. Alternatively, look out for a member of staff at one of the JustAsk pods, if you can’t find a member of staff, use the phone at the JustAsk pod and give them a call on 2508.