Rebekkah is a Mechanical Engineering student at CCCU and shares her thoughts on why she chose to study Engineering and her aspirations for the future.

I wanted to study Engineering because there are no limitations on what you can do. I have always had an interest in Engineering and how things work. I am intrigued on the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect. Starting from the first design to the finished piece.

The best thing about studying at Christ Church is the hands on experience you receive through either practical sessions or workshops, which have a real benefit to your learning. It is a great way of interacting with your lecturers/tutors who support you to give you a better understanding of the subjects involved.

I hope to pursue a career in Formula One, which is part of the Motorsport sector of the automotive industry. Formula One is the leading example of modern technical machinery that is developing and upgrading all the time and it would be my ambition to be involved in the future of the sport. 

Engineering is such a broad field with many possibilities for everyone in all sectors of the industry. It enables you to learn the process and it gives you an insight to the future of engineering through various projects and research.

There are a lot more women in engineering than there ever has been and it’s inspiring see that you can be a part of the future too and not be afraid to try as there is a lot of support around, not only at University but in the outside world too.