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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day with the SE WISE Hub


Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day with the SE WISE Hub

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) 2024 is a celebration of the outstanding achievements of women engineers around the world. This year, we focus on promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in engineering, emphasising how women engineers enhance our lives.

The WISE Hub: Empowering Women in STEM

Building on the success of the WISE Campaign, our new South East hub is being established to further support regional growth and inclusivity. The SE WISE Hub aims to:

  • Outreach and Engagement: Deliver programs in local schools to change perceptions about engineering, inspire students to pursue STEM subjects, and remove institutional barriers.
  • Networking and Support: Serve as a home for the region’s STEM businesses and workforce, offering networking, connection, and sharing of best practices.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision: Achieve equal representation and empowerment of women in science and engineering.
  • Mission: Foster an inclusive environment, advocate for gender equality, and support women’s career development in STEM disciplines.


  • Increase female representation in STEM through targeted outreach and support programs.
  • Promote gender diversity and inclusion in leadership roles within STEM sectors.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities and mentorship programs for women’s career advancement.
  • Create a supportive environment for women in science and engineering, addressing challenges they may face.

Canterbury Christ Church University launched the new hub earlier in the year, bridging the gap between business, industry, and education to inspire women and girls to take up STEM careers.

Join the Movement

In celebration of INWED, we encourage you to support the WISE Hub and its initiatives. For more information, visit the WISE Hub Networking Series and learn how you can contribute to creating a future where women in engineering thrive.

Let’s come together to honor and support women engineers, fostering a diverse and inclusive engineering community for a better tomorrow!

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