EDI in Computing

According to the UCAS statistics for the 2021 application cycle (UCAS, 2021), 314604 males applied to university, compared with 434965 females. While subject areas such as computing are dominated by male students, this statistic shows that males must be missing out in other areas, particularly the humanities and social sciences. Whilst these areas are not typically considered to be as high paying as STEM subjects, the soft skills learned and cultivated in them are invaluable and necessary when leaving higher education to enter employment.

Engineers tackle rugby injuries

Injuries to the human skin account for some of the highest percentages of injuries in rugby. These injuries also often go under-reported as the players tend to continue playing even after suffering these injuries. But the biggest question is how can anyone test the protective equipment and if they really help reduce the risk of injuries to the human skin

Why should everybody learn Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not science fiction. It is around us now (e.g., for automatic plate number recognition, credit-card fraud detection), and it is here to remain. AI is also not just one technology, but a range of technologies inspired by everything from how the brain works to how ants find food. These allow computers to appear intelligent and apply more focused processing power than the human brain can produce, though usually only to narrowly defined tasks. This is why AI technology has become so important to the modern economy. AI is here and working now.