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Reflecting on the Engineering Excellence Programme Celebrations


Reflecting on the Engineering Excellence Programme Celebrations

May 22nd was an extraordinary day filled with insightful events, inspiring speeches, and dynamic interactions. Held at the Verena Holmes building, the event was meticulously planned to foster learning, networking, and career development as a follow-up from the January Celebrations event of the Computing Programme. From engaging workshops to an impressive poster exhibition, the day offered something for everyone. Here’s a reflection on the amazing day and its highlights.

Inspiring Opening Remarks
Professor Anne Nortcliffe, opened the event with a compelling speech, setting the tone for the day. Following her, Keynote Speaker Sally Dixon captivated the audience with her insights and experiences, leaving everyone inspired and ready to dive into the day’s activities.

EDI Workshops
The highlight of the day were the workshops focused on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). These sessions were designed to foster a deeper understanding of the initiative the EDGE Hub is working on in collaboration with Equal Engineers and the Careers and Enterprise team. These workshops involved testing immersive serious games designed to educate and engage participants on EDI issues. The interactive nature of the session kept everyone engaged, and provided valuable feedback for future improvements and participated in testing and providing feedback on EDI toolkit resources.

Enlightening Keynote Speakers
The morning sessions concluded with an enlightening keynote speech from Toby Williams, an accomplished alumni, and Richard Seed from the Royal Air Force. They shared their career journeys, providing inspiration and guidance to the aspiring engineers in the audience. Their stories underscored the importance of perseverance and innovation in achieving success.

Vibrant Poster Exhibition & Presentations
The afternoon featured a vibrant Poster Exhibition in the open space on the 3rd floor in Verana Holmes. Students presented their individual posters, showcasing their research and projects to potential employers and industry experts. This interactive session allowed for direct engagement, feedback, and networking, making it a highlight of the day. This was an excellent opportunity for our students to meet industry representatives, discuss potential collaborations, and expand professional networks.

Celebratory Closing Remarks and Award Ceremony
The day concluded with closing remarks and an award ceremony. The best posters were recognised, celebrating the hard work and creativity of the students. This final session provided a fitting end to an eventful day, leaving everyone motivated and looking forward to future opportunities. The May 22nd event was a resounding success, offering a perfect blend of education, inspiration, and networking. It provided a platform for students and professionals to connect, learn, and grow. The meticulous planning and execution ensured that every participant left with new knowledge, valuable connections, and a renewed sense of purpose.

We are looking forward to the next event in January, email for details!

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