Our Unitemps team share what these look like, and the opportunities available.

What are Research Internships?

Every year the Research and Development team offer current CCCU taught students the opportunity to undertake a paid internship, working with academics across the University, and across a wide range of subject areas. Typically, the internships last for 8 to 10 weeks and equate to 200 hours. The internships offer students the opportunity to enhance their research skills and gain experience on working on a live project which supports any future studies and graduate applications. They are advertised and recruited to through Unitemps*.

*Unitemps is the University’s internal recruitment agency.

Why apply for an internship?

Check out last years blog that features Anna-Maria Lashkay, who completed her internship, Investigating Loneliness and Healthcare Outcomes (ILAHO). Anna- Maria talks about the advantages and benefits of doing an internship at CCCU.

What internships are available?

  • Working with Prof. Eleni Hatzidimitriadou and Dr Rachael Morris- The only DSN in the Village: Investigating the impact of a diabetes specialist nurse uniquely based within a primary care network on patient outcomes and experiences. This project is a collaboration between Canterbury Christ Church University and Medway NHS Foundation Trust. https://www.unitemps.com/Search/JobDetails/22023477
  • Working with Dr Rajeeb Sah and Dr Toni Wright- Conducting a scoping review on Covid-19 and its impact on the mental health of young people, services and carers in the United Kingdom. The role provides support for a project that partners with North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT), which runs Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in East Kent. https://www.unitemps.com/Search/JobDetails/22078395
  • Working with Dr Philip Hurst- Sport Supplements and Doping. A team of researchers are examining what may increase the likelihood of an athlete doping. Preventing and reducing doping in sport is a worldwide endeavour and a growing body of evidence suggests that sport supplement use (e.g., caffeine, creatine, protein shakes) may lead to doping. https://www.unitemps.com/Search/JobDetails/22028066
  • Working with Dr Doug MacInnes- Co-Producing Services in Combat Stress by Engaging Families and Veterans. The focus of the project is to increase the engagement of the families/carers of those veterans accessing Combat Stress’ clinical services. https://www.unitemps.com/Search/JobDetails/22028066
  • Working with Dr Agnes Gulyas– Artificial Intelligence and Local News. Under the guidance of the project lead, the project will include conducting a systematic review of academic and industry literature on uses of AI in news and journalism. https://www.unitemps.com/Search/JobDetails/22023427
  • Working with Dr Christopher Anderson – This is Margate! The discursive construction of identity in an east Kent coastal town. Help in the collecting of data from the event and social media. To help in organising the research database and in the setting up of an archive. To help adapt the event to various lockdown scenarios. https://www.unitemps.com/Search/JobDetails/22019813
  • Working with Dr Andy Seaman- The Fonmon Castle Story Map: A Digital Resource for Education and Enterprise. The project will explore the history and heritage of Fonmon medieval castle through a programme of GIS-enabled research. This forms part of a wider collaborative programme of research being led by CCCU and Fonmon Castle. https://www.unitemps.com/Search/JobDetails/22010097
  • Working with Dr Mary Woolley- Conversations on Christian Spiritual Leadership. In this project we are interested in exploring female lay leadership in the Church setting up conversations between young people and established leaders on themes of spiritual leadership. https://www.unitemps.com/Search/JobDetails/21953173

How do I apply for an internship? To apply, please follow the links above or go to www.Unitemps.com and filter the location by Canterbury. Contact us at Unitemps@cantebury.ac.uk

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