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Volunteers’ Week, 2022: In celebration of school governors & invitation to volunteer


Volunteers’ Week, 2022: In celebration of school governors & invitation to volunteer

A special message from our Inspiring Governance partner… 

1st June marks the beginning of Volunteers’ Week: a time to celebrate the invaluable contribution that volunteers make to our communities – and we would like to say an extra special thank you to all those that volunteer as a school governor.

Volunteer school governors bring their expertise, time and passion to the board table to help schools provide the best educational experience to children and young people in their local communities. They help to shape the lives of the next generation.

Have you considered giving back to your community in a volunteer role? Anyone over the age of 18 can apply and you don’t need any specific qualifications. There are training and support frameworks in place to help you succeed in the role.  

We would, of course, highly recommend the role of governor, but don’t take our word for it – in the words of Juliet Flynn, staff member at CCCU: 

“My absolute favourite part of the role is spending time in school: joining in with classes or canteen lunches; sitting in the staff room and chatting; or meeting with the school leaders to discuss ideas and plans. Others will find the more formal processes, meetings and financial responsibilities motivating. There are different opportunities to meet your own interests and expertise.” 

So, what do school governors do? The role is hugely varied, strategic and a great opportunity to gain experience of operating at board level. Post-pandemic, there remain national shortages on governing boards across England that would be delighted to welcome the skills you could bring from studying at CCCU, such as… 

  • The ability to challenge, ask questions, and seek solutions 
  • Planning and project management 
  • Being collaborative and working as a team to achieve a common goal 

Volunteering can help you reach your career goals! It can…

  • Support you in gaining confidence
  • Show how you can make a difference
  • Provide you with opportunities to meet new people and be part of a community
  • Develop your skills
  • Offer the chance for you to take on a new challenge

Besides improving your employability skills, volunteering is sure to give you the feel good factor! Why not consider becoming a school governor and really make a difference.

Feeling inspired to find out more about volunteering as a governor? Read all about it here: 

Register and search for opportunities here:  

Already a governor/trustee or newly appointed? Request to join our Teams channel: School Governors at CCCU 

To find out more about our Inspiring Governance partnership or about becoming a school governor, contact Enterprise and Engagement Manager, Charlotte Goode:  

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