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CCCU Research Internships – Student Success Stories.


CCCU Research Internships – Student Success Stories.

Earlier in 2020, several research internships were advertised on the Unitemps website for current CCCU students to apply for. Each internship presented a fantastic opportunity for students to partner with CCCU academics on research for the benefit of society. Below you will find the story of Anna-Maria, a CCCU Psychology 2nd Year student who is currently undertaking an internship relating to social isolation. But first…

What are CCCU Research Internships?

Every year we offer paid research internships, funded by the Research and Development Team, across a variety of sectors and subjects. These internships are only open to CCCU students and can last up to 10 weeks. The students get to work closely with academics across the University on a research project and in some cases are accredited on any final publications. The internships offer students the opportunity to enhance their research skills and gain experience on working on a live project which supports any future studies and graduate applications. There are advertised and recruited to through Unitemps*.

*Unitemps is the internal recruitment agency for CCCU offering opportunities to students to enable then to build upon current skills and gain invaluable work experience.

What is this internship about?

Anna-Maria Lashkay is an intern within the School of Allied and Public Health Professions at CCCU. She is working with Tristi Brownett, Senior Lecturer Health Promotion and Public Health (Programme Director – BSc Health Studies Suite, and BSc Public Health and Health Promotion) and Professor Chris Burton to help develop this new research project: Investigating Loneliness and Healthcare Outcomes (ILAHO). Anna-Maria is currently undertaking a systematic scoping review of the literature to inform a point prevalence study with project partners in the NHS.

Why do an internship?

Anna-Maria cites her 3 top reasons for doing the research internship as:

  1. She wanted to do something productive over the summer that was related to her studies and would keep her in a study habit – because it is easy to fall out of the habit by the time the new year starts!
  2. She was looking for an opportunity to enhance her research skills.
  3. She needed to come up with inspiration for her final dissertation project – this was the biggest reason why she wanted to get involved.

What does an internship involve?

Below are the first two vlogs created by Anna-Maria to show how her journey on the research internship began and is developing.

Vlog 1 – Why Mary decided to take on the internship.
Vlog 2 – Mary’s daily routine on the internship whilst working from home.

It is interesting to know that her research is contributing to finding out which healthcare solutions work best for people suffering from loneliness and social isolation – a key topic for today’s society, particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please do follow the @CCCU_PH Twitter page for more vlogs from the internship!

We are particularly proud of Anna-Maria who is demonstrating the capability, commitment, and creativity that makes our CCCU students successful. That combined with the dedicated work of CCCU academics and community partners are the perfect recipe for creating research for the benefit of everyone – particularly at a time where good news is sorely needed.

Interested in doing an internship?

The next batch of research internships will be advertised on the Unitemps website during the next academic year – probably in January 2021. We in the Careers and Enterprise Team would highly recommend applying for such an opportunity for many reasons:

  1. To use the knowledge and study skills from your studies toward an ongoing research project with potential positive outcomes.
  2. To develop skills in collaboration with other professionals, particularly external partners. For example, Anna-Maria was working alongside the NHS as well as academics.
  3. To earn money, each internship is paid and gives a fantastic work opportunity for your CV.

Getting further support from The Careers and Enterprise Team at CCCU

You can get ongoing careers support via the following ways:

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