Well, have we got a challenge for you! We think your career matters, and we want to help you prepare for it. Sometimes we all need a little incentive, so here’s yours.

Your career may feel just around the corner, it may feel past present and future, it may feel a long way off, but wherever you’re at, there’s more you can do to get ready. That’s why, we’re encouraging you to complete the CCCU Careers & Enterprise Online Award. Click here to get started.

Are you a 2020/ 2021 graduate? You’re still very welcome to complete the Award, and it’ll still do you the world of good, but we’re afraid in this instance you’re not eligible for the competition. Check out our graduates blog, where we’ve got some specific support set up for you. Also, are you intrigued by the thought of beginning your own business? Check out our Launch Into Business week (starting on 14th June) which you’re welcome to join!

Not only will we encourage you with a lovely e-certificate, perfect for taking a snap of for your LinkedIn profile update, but also we’re giving the first 50 students to complete The CCCU Careers & Enterprise Online Award, a £50 voucher.

For our current students, completing the CCCU Careers & Enterprise Online Award is just step 1, of our 5 top tips for thinking about your future…

1. Complete the Careers & Enterprise Award.

It says it above. Go for it. £50 voucher and good for your future… need we convince you any more?!

2. Use the Careers & Enterprise Online Hub.

See what score your CV can achieve through CV360, to see if it would make it through an auto-recruitment system and even get to the hands of an employer.

Then look at some questions, and try out our interview simulator, Interview360. It’ll give you artificially intelligent feedback, including on your smiles, your camera quality, your filler words and more.

3. Attend as many workshops as you can.

You may have heard we currently have some workshops just for 2020/ 2021 graduates. But did you know we have workshops for you from October – June each academic year? Put it in your diary to check back in, or follow us on Eventbrite workshop booking site, to see what workshops we have coming up that may be helpful for you.

4. Book a Careers Advice appointment.

We have two fantastic advisors, who are waiting to chat to you – on Microsoft Teams, Skype or Facebook Messenger. Sessions are typically 45 minutes, and they’ll help you think about your next steps. Even if you’re not sure where to start with your career… especially if you’re not sure where to start. Book an appointment.

5. You don’t know, what you don’t know.

See if there’s anything else you’ve not yet tapped in to. Watch this video which explains all of our services, and see if there are more ways we can support you.

Getting further support from The Careers and Enterprise Team at CCCU

You can get ongoing careers support via the following ways: