Welcome to June.


Welcome to June.

Ah, here we are. Best month of the year. (I am biased. It is my birthday month, and that means you were all blessed with my presence on this very month some twenty-something years ago.)

And there is a bunch to talk about.

Although we’re at the end of the academic year, so events are sparser, there’s still things going on.

First and foremost: Pride!

June is UK Pride month, and this year Canterbury Pride is hosting a full weekend of events over the 10th and 11th. To combat the sheer volume of people attending, there are now two days to celebrate queer identity and lives in Dane John Park, but the parade is still run on the Saturday. If you’re planning on attending, check out the website and the lists of things you absolutely should be bringing, and things you absolutely shouldn’t be. Plus, Christ Church is once again getting involved! The CCCQ Staff Network will be marching in the parade, and our university will be hosting a stand in the park and giving away plenty of goodies!

On the Sustainability side of things, we’re theming June around the environment! A few months ago, we had a wonderful placement student from the University of Southampton working with us in our offices to learn more about sustainability roles and job opportunities. While she was with us, Teigan designed her own social media campaign focused on UK coastlines to combine her interests in sustainability engagement and her degree, Oceanography and Marine Biology. This month, she’ll be taking over our social media and blogs to share with you her hard work!

Our Oceans week will run from the 5th – 9th of June, and will feature two blog posts and daily graphic posts online. Make sure you head back here to read about our local Kent coastlines, and check out our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to see what she’s made!

We’ll also be talking about bees, palm oil, and solarpunk – so keep an eye out for those (as we worked really hard on them)!

We’re also currently recruiting for the Student Green Office! If you’ll be a student in September, or know anyone who will be a student in September and wants a part-time paid role in sustainability, running events and campaigns for our students, this could be for you! The Unitemps application page is here, closing on June 21st – so please apply and get involved!

Finally, the apprenticeship fair is on June 21st, 10.30 – 2.30, on Verena Holmes second floor, and you should swing by! Apprenticeships are excellent for staff development, plus the newest available apprenticeship in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability is now being unveiled! If you’d like to gain a qualification in sustainability, get in contact with the apprenticeships team, or come by the fair to have a chat!

We hope whether you’re finishing up exams and assignments, currently wading through Marking Hell, or preparing for summer at CCCU, you have an wonderful June.

Plus, I will be back at the end of the month to deliver all the excellent news from around the world so you can see how many great things happened while you were reading about our coastlines!

See you then ✌

By Bethany Climpson, Sustainability Engagement Assistant

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