“Thanks for the adventure – Now go and have another one!”


“Thanks for the adventure – Now go and have another one!”

Nellie and Max at a blue stall table at the Spring Festival

This year I have been part of the Student Green Office; my time there has been amazing and transformational. The opportunities it has created for me are vast in number and variety. Working in the SGO has been the driving factor in getting to know many other people and parts of the university that I would never have interacted with because it does not solely relate to my course. It has also allowed me to develop many skills through being a part of the numerous projects I have been involved with; my flavour skill must be pizza making in the wood-fired pizza oven. It has been a massively transformative opportunity to engage and learn so much about sustainability, the Earth, and the climate crisis, and what Christ Church, individuals, businesses governments etc., should be doing to lessen the impacts of the climate crisis. 

One of many notable times this year was the open days and times I have helped use the clay pizza oven; as a Scout leader, I like my fire (the pizza part is good as well). But along with the lovely fire and food, I have been able to talk to so many different people, both staff and students of Christ church but also loads of new people and potential students, along with learning a lot about other places, not just this university.

Along with helping during the open days, one of the things that I am very fortunate about is getting the ability to fully explore the university campus, not just making up for lost time from distance-learning last year but to learn about the history of the campus and the heritage of the site, and how Christ Church continues it through growing heritage variety apples and hops in the Jubilee orchard, and across campus, the pizza oven and the bakehouse wall. I feel fortunate to have been able to engage with the local community too, such as going to the cathedral to watch the Walk for Amal. It’s touching to know that I was there and got to be a part of that, and that as I continue my own learning journey in these grounds, I’m able to be a part of that legacy by helping others learn about heritage and sustainability too.

Image description: Max, Nellie and Holly at the pizza party in June

Along with assisting others to learn, I have the privilege of being involved with the Carbon Literacy Training within the university and have completed it as well as supported the delivery of different parts of the training, from taster sessions within other courses lectures to helping deliver aspects of the training.

Being part of the SGO has shaped my life and where I want to take it. I know I will strive to continue being involved with the academy during my time here. As well as when I leave – taking my knowledge, passion, and experiences with me, all made possible from my time at the SGO. If you think that anything that you have just read was interesting, I urge you to get involved because it will definitely impact or even be a transformational learning experience and a life-shaping one as well.

Title: Doctor, P. and Peterson, B. (2009) Up. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

By Max Clinch (they/them), SGO Project Officer #actingtogether

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