SGO: Introducing Meg – Events Coordinator.


SGO: Introducing Meg – Events Coordinator.

Deep in the distant depths of Fleming (or down the corridor and through the door at the end) you will find me. Possibly typing, possibly talking, possibly eating Metcalfe’s skinny sweet cinnamon popcorn, there I will be, busily preparing events for the next year ahead, because I’m the Student Green Office Events Coordinator. My job is to plan and run events for you lovely students, all with the theme of sustainability.

While I’m not running events, I’m studying for a BA in Film and Events Management, reading and writing, singing (badly), baking, chilling with friends and family and spending time with my cat, Indie. But I don’t have much time for this because what a busy year it is going to be for the Student Green Office! Already we’ve had our Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Tasting Evening, run by the fabulous Erik Houlihan-Jong from Divine Chocolate. A great success, we had a turnout of 40 students, chilled and laughed, while tasting delicious Divine Chocolate. Our upcoming events include pop up stands, interesting Bioversity walks, hot chocolate in the Yurt, and several exciting events for Fairtrade Fortnight ( which we will not reveal right now; more details to come…)
It’s my great pleasure to run these events because sustainability is so important. Everything we do now has an impact on future generations and their quality of life. The food we eat, the clothes we buy, the hobbies we do. Even little things like ‘do I turn my TV off at the wall?’ or ‘do I need to have a bath instead of a shower?’ is important to consider. Sustainability is all about you. How you live. Your choices. Sustainability affects every aspect of your life. My aim is to inspire students to be sustainable in their life now, not ten years later when it’s too late, by running events like chocolate tastings, bake sales and workshops. Sustainability is fun – I have an awesome time as part of the Student Green Office – and we want you to know that too.
You know what else is awesome? Food. I love food. Full stop. And I know you all do too. So my favourite events to run are food-related events, like tastings, bake-offs and food sustainability workshops. I also publish a lot of food related blogs, like recipes and how to eat sustainably.
This next year is a huge year for sustainability, what with the WHOLE EARTH? project, Edible Campus’s Allotment Blitzes, Green Chapel Ale, Beer-Bread-and-Honey projects and the take-over of the Student Green Office across North Holmes Road campus (don’t say we didn’t warn you), and I’m so excited to get to know each of you on our journey to a more sustainable future. I’m in the office (Fg11) afternoons on a Monday and on a Tuesday, so if you’re bored or need someone to talk to, pop your head round the door and say hi!

So what are you waiting for? Be sustainable, eat some (Fairtrade) cake and make a difference.

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