Resources for Women’s History Month


Resources for Women’s History Month

Want to learn more about the history of women? This post will certainly help. Below are links to many different resources that cover a variety of topics based around women’s history and the fight for equality.  

The history of women’s rights: 

Timeline of women’s rights in England – timeline-of-women 

Another timeline on women’s rights in England – Download.ashx 

The suffragette movement un the UK – who-were-suffragettes 

The history of women’s rights in America – history-of-the-womens-rights-movement 

Womens suffrage in America – the-fight-for-womens-suffrage 

It must be highlighted that women of colour did NOT get the right to vote at the same time as white women did.  

The history of women of colour within the suffragette movement: 

Women of colour within the United Kingdom’s suffragette movement – suffrage-women-of-colour 

The Black and Asian women who fought to vote in the UK – in-pictures-42837451 

Native American women’s impact on the women’s rights movement – how-native-american-women-inspired-the-women-s-rights-movement.htm 

Native Americans and the suffragettes – suffragettes-women-colour-native-american-feminism-activists-us-a8943916.html 

How women of colour impacted the women’s rights movement in America – bold-accomplishments-women-color-need-be-bigger-part-suffrage-history-180971756 

Women who have changed the course of history: 

Who were the suffragettes in the UK? – who-were-suffragettes 

Women in history – 

List of biographies of women who have impacted the women’s rights movement, includes achievements and firsts for women –  

Key figures of the women’s rights movement in America – 

Gender bias in medicine: 

What gender bias is – gender-bias-in-healthcare 

How does gender bias effect medical diagnosis? – gender-bias-in-medical-diagnosis 

Womens pain in gender bias – 

The medical mistreatment of women – 

Equality in medicine – 

Want to feel inspired? Have a look at some of these… 

Quotes from powerful women in history – inspirational-quotes-women 

More quotes from influential women – 52-inspirational-quotes-for-women-to-share-throughout-the-year 

By Jenny Hall, SGO Project Officer

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