Monthly Good News #7: March.


Monthly Good News #7: March.

Here we are again. March is coming to an end and we’re almost at Easter. More importantly, we’re almost at Eurovision. No one can feel sad when Eurovision exists.

Anyway, if you’re new here: Monthly Good News is a series in which we wrap up as much good news from the month as I can find before I run out of steam. This month’s list is long. And like always, hyperlinked, so you can go read more about these really cool and excellent things and bring more joy to your life.

Because the world doesn’t suck. You may think it does, but it doesn’t. If people were terrible and nothing was going to get better, Brendan Fraser wouldn’t have won an Oscar at the Academy Awards, now would he?

So sit back, relax, get yourself a drink and maybe your favourite blanket, and feel a little better about the world you live in.

There! Don’t you feel better now? Don’t you feel a little calmer? A little less like the world is an inherently terrible place where only bad things happen?

Yeah. That’s what I thought. Also, beavers are probably going to be in London by 2030 because of how many we have in Kent. Just picture a little beaver going sightseeing, walking beside the River Thames, visiting the London Eye. You can’t feel negative emotions while thinking about beavers in the big city.

By Bethany Climpson, Sustainability Engagement Assistant

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