Monthly Good News #6: February.


Monthly Good News #6: February.

February has had some global and local sad moments. The news hasn’t been all fun and games and there have been some not-so-spectacular events as of late, that have even got me down, and I barely look at the news as it is.

So today’s monthly round-up feels more important than ever. There are hard times. There are bad things. There are incredibly sucky, overwhelmingly upsetting news stories that will make their way to you whether you have your eyes open or not.

But there’s also the good. There’s also the great. There’s also the wildly, beautifully incredible. Because humans don’t all suck. There are some out there trying to do better for this planet, for you, and some who want to make spaces more welcoming, more inviting, so that everyone feels safe and comfortable and loved.

So let’s take two minutes to sit down, breathe deeply, and read about the good news February had to deliver us. And there is some really good news.

Feeling a little more positive? I hope so. If not, take five minutes to have a dance party wherever you are, be it your bedroom, office, or local bus stop. That always makes me feel better.

By Bethany Climpson, Sustainability Engagement Assistant

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