5 Reasons Why You Should Get Outside 


5 Reasons Why You Should Get Outside 

Ever wondered what the benefits are of going outside? Here’s a super quick overview of what being outside can do for you!

It Helps You Sleep Better 

The human body has an ‘internal clock’ that works around the sun. This means that most people will feel awake during the day, when it’s light, and feel sleepy at night, when it’s dark. Getting outside exposes you to natural light which helps regulate your circadian rhythm (internal clock). Your body registers its daytime, making you feel more awake. This helps you feel more tired at night, making it easier to get to sleep. Plus, it improves the quality of your sleep. 

It Improves Productivity  

When you are cooped up inside all day, whether that be in the library or lecture hall etc., it often causes the brain to become overstimulated. This leads to mental fatigue and frustration. To combat this, take some time to spend outdoors. Getting outside has been proven to relax the mind. This allows you to think more clearly. It helps solve problems more effectively and improves concentration. Even taking a short 5-minute break outside to escape from work will improve your productivity. 

It Improves Mental Wellbeing 

Going outside can help decrease anxiety levels dramatically as it alleviates stress. This is due to the release of serotonin when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Spending time in nature also decreases your heart rate, which is great for your health. 

Chance to See New Wildlife 

Getting outside opens the opportunity to see many different types of wildlife. Spotting wildlife is proven to be great for mental wellbeing. It also increases feelings of being connected with nature. Seeing a species you have never seen before is often exciting and releases serotonin. A few of the common wildlife you can find around Canterbury are swans, robins, squirrels and ducks. Looking for wildlife can easily be made into a fun activity! 

Moves your body 

Going outside often involves some form of exercise, the most common one being walking. Moving your body is excellent for your general health. There are many activities you can do when outside such as cycling, jogging, kayaking and many more. Exercise reduces the risk of getting diseases and strengthens bones and muscles. Exercise is also proven to benefit your mental health. When we exercise, blood circulation to the brain increases. This releases ‘happy’ chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin which improve our mood. 

All in all, getting outside will benefit you one way or another. Let us know other ways in which getting outside has helped you! 

By Jenny Hall, SGO Project Officer

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