What is the CCCU Research Space Repository?


What is the CCCU Research Space Repository?

CCCU Research Space Repository is an online archive of the University’s research outputs – i.e. things that are produced as a result of research, for example journal articles, book chapters, compositions, performances, edited books, audio or visual recordings.

We encourage all CCCU researchers, including postgraduate research students, to add their research outputs to Research Space Repository so that: 

  • Journal articles and conference proceedings published with an ISSN are REF eligible. They must be deposited in the repository within 3 months of being accepted for publication in order to be eligible for entry into the next REF. See information about open access
  • Your research is collated in one place so it can be found and shared easily. 
  • Your research is kept securely online with a persistent URL
  • You have a record of your research that you can link to and use to promote your research. 
  • You can see altmetrics for items that have a DOI.

Other benefits of using Research Space Repository include: 

  • Research Space Repository complies with international standards favoured by Google, ensuring deposits in the repository rank higher in search results. 
  • Open Access articles are cited more frequently than articles available via paywalls. 
  • Institutional repositories provide for the long-term preservation of research and offer a showcase for the University’s research. 
An otter looking happy, floating on water
This otter is happy because they have uploaded all their research to Research Space Repository. Image from Wikipedia Commons.

JISC Publications Router 

The Library has integrated Jisc Publications Router with the CCCU Research Space Repository. The integration enables researchers’ outputs to be harvested directly into the CCCU Repository. Publications Router gathers outputs from content providers and publishers including BMJ, Elsevier, Crossref, PubMed, Sage, Springer Nature, The Royal Society and Wiley. 

Publications Router finds matches based on data from researchers’ profiles, including your ORCID, in your Research Space account, so it is important that your ORCID is included in your account. 

Publications Router integrates outputs that have not yet been added to Research Space and notifies us of any changes to existing outputs such as publication date or DOI, which will enable us to update your output information in the repository. 

Help with Research Space Repository 

Watch this short video for guidance on adding your research to the repository: 

You can also contact the Research Lead librarian for one-to-one help, either online or face to face. You can book this via the Learning Skills Hub or by emailing  

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  1. As someone who does creative writing, would you recommend adding my articles to the Repository? A few times I have considered doing it, but was not sure that my work was academic enough. However, I’d love to actually have articles that people can see/cite.

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