Suggest an e-book is back!  .


Suggest an e-book is back!  .

A new academic year will soon be upon us!

The suggest an e-book campaign is back! Those returning to university will already know about the campaign but for those who may have forgotten and those students who are new to Canterbury Christ Church University here is the lowdown!  

Suggest an e-book was introduced during covid but was an idea which was mentioned before through feedback from students.  When lockdown was announced we all had to begin working differently and most of us were studying and working from home. 

More and more resources became available online, publishers were allowing print versions of textbooks to be accessible as an e-book version!  

“Thank you, publishers!”   


Not everything was free out there!  

So not everything was free to access so the Library and Resources Team gave students the opportunity to request an e-book title to support their studies, if not already available through Library.  Students could request to buy for the library e-book collection and be added to #YourDigitalLibrary. Who would have thought we would be continuing with this process now?  Well because of the positive feedback from you and the uptake of usage, that’s why.  If you don’t believe me the stats are in!  

Responses to the campaign  

You can see the number of responses were up from the academic year before. 

Number of e-books purchased from respondents. 

As you can see there is not much difference between the number of e-books purchased in the most recent academic year and the number from the years before. One reason? Maybe #YourDigitalLibrary has already got the titles you require for your subject?   

You can see from the following that last academic year we did have an increase in the number of journals and book chapters requested since the year before. 

You requested and we delivered on core subject areas! 

You requested and we delivered e-books from the following subject areas.  Here are your top 5 most used e-books from each academic subject area.

Thank you to you all for your suggestions. You can see how this has impacted e-collection! As you can see from the above subjects, the largest number of e-books requested were for Medicine and Psychology subject areas but close behind was Education.  I wonder what will happen next academic year? It will be interesting to see.  

Thank you to you all for your suggestions, you can see how your responses have built the e-book collection and how helpful this growth in resources has supported other students.  

Most used Suggest an e-book titles for 2022 – 2023 

Your Top 5 e-book titles! You suggested and we delivered the following e-books to #YourDigitalLibrary

5th place 

How children learn 4: Thinking on special educational needs and inclusion 

4th place  

Eat that Frog! For students 

3rd place 

Nonverbal Communication 

2nd place 

The Dark Triad of Personality 

Top of the Suggest an e-book charts!

1st most used e-book for last academic year was! Inclusive Education 


E-book titles recently added to #YourDigitalLibrary 

You suggested and we delivered the following e-books to #YourDigitalLibrary

We had some great titles added to the collection! Thank you for all your suggestions. 

Don’t forget if accessing the titles off campus you may have to select Shibboleth and then enter Canterbury Christ Church University.

Nursing models, theories and practice 

LGBT Victorians : Sexuality and Gender in the Nineteenth-Century Archives 

Osteoarchaeology a guide to the macroscopic study of human skeletal remains 

What’s next for Suggest an e-book, are you feeling inspired? 

So that was then and here we are getting ready for the next academic year! Suggest an e-book has proved a valuable resource the scheme has now been going for 3 years, with more e-books added to the collection since.   

Building #YourDigitalLibrary

Suggest an e-book campaign is Live! 

If there is an e-book you need to access for your course and it’s not available through Library Search, then make a suggestion.   

Make sure you check the Library Search first! You can check by clicking here  

If unable to find your title, please select this button next to the library search box  

Enter as many of the details as you can, if you have an ISBN of the book then this would be perfect.  If you would like to suggest a subject that you would like to know more about to support your studies, then complete as much as you can within the request. This makes it easier for the acquisitions team to find the item closest to your request.  

Now don’t forget not everything is available online! 

There will be some instances when the e-book cannot be purchased. This could be due to expense, out of print or just that there is no e-book available.  We will consider all suggestions, bearing in mind their suitability for our collections as well as any budget constraints that may be in place. It is worth noting that prices for educational user licences for e-books are usually more expensive than the prices you’ll find listed for commercial e-books such as those available on Amazon Kindle. We’ll accept e-book suggestions up to the value of £150 that will support your studies. You will be made aware of any issues if the request is not successful and the reason.

Happy Studying! 

Now what more can I say! We look forward to receiving any suggestions out there and will continue to build #YourDigitalLibrary to support you with your course!  

Happy studying from the Library and Resources Team!  

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