Life after university – new modules to help you!.


Life after university – new modules to help you!.

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So are you ready to experience outduction? It sounds like it could be a painful experience! But don‘t worry as it’s nothing to be alarmed about, it is just the term given to the period of transition to life beyond university study. In the same way that we welcomed and introduced you to studying in higher education, we also want to support you as you leave and move on to the next chapter in your life.

CCCU has a range of services and support to guide and help graduating students, whether you are looking for careers advice or exploring the opportunities to continue with your studies. The Library is also here to offer you support. You may be concerned about losing access to all the resources you have been using, but with alumni membership you will still be able to visit and use aspects of the library – find out more and complete this form. And library staff are here to give guidance relating to your learning skills and information discovery as you move on, so please do come and chat to us if you have any questions. You can pop into the library, send us an email, use the Live Chat, or make an online appointment with your Learning and Research Librarian or Learning Developer (via the Learning Skills Hub).

We have just created two brand new Learning Skills Hub modules related to outduction, which you can engage with at a time that suits you. You can find these under the Life After University theme, or by browsing All modules.

Preparing for life after University

Preparing for life after university encourages you to consider the skills that you have developed in your time at CCCU and how you can use these as you move forwards. These might be communication and writing skills; effective teamworking; digital and IT capabilities; the ability to meet deadlines; knowing how to research by finding and synthesising information; or something else – you have probably gained many more skills that you realise!

The Learning Skills Hub is open access, so you can continue to access modules that may help you to increase your understanding and enhance your employability. This module also summarises the range of university support available to undergraduate and postgraduate students and explores the value of professional organisations.

Finding Information when you have left University

The second module Finding information when you have left university will help if you are not sure how to continue finding and accessing information sources when you are no longer studying at CCCU. You may need this for your future employment, or if you are considering further study. Work your way through this module to find out which libraries you can use and the range of resources available to you through them; where to search for academic information; and how to apply your graduate skills to search for and evaluate information that you find on the web.

Leaving university can feel like a big step and it is natural you may be feeling some anxiety, so remember to take care of your own mental health and wellbeing. The university’s Mental Wellbeing team provide some useful links for support at the university and beyond, including self-help guides. Nurturing a lifelong reading habit can be beneficial for your wellbeing, and when you leave university you can continue to access a 10% discount from our bookshop. You can also order online for Click and Collect or opt for free delivery on orders over £10, so you could order some useful books now about a career field into which you are entering – or maybe just take a well-earned break and escape into some fiction!

Most of all, be proud of what you have learned and achieved in your time at university. You will be taking all this knowledge and skills with you. The Library staff would like to wish you all the best with your future – and perhaps we will see you again soon if you decide to continue with your studies. We provide lots of resources and support for postgraduate students too!

Catherine Sherwood, Learning & Research Librarian

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