International Day of Happiness 2023


International Day of Happiness 2023

This year, we’re celebrating the International Day of Happiness!

On the 20th of March, it’s time to be your best self and bring a little joy back into the world. The theme this year is:


It’s proven: happiness makes you healthier. It lowers your blood pressure, improves your immune system, and can even lengthen your life! A simple smile can be enough to brighten anyone’s day!

University life can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to smile about. Just follow these three steps to ease that stress and make your own world a little brighter:


Relax your breathing and try to focus on the present moment. How are you feeling right now?


Have a look around and think: what are you grateful for? What makes you happy?


Show a little kindness to yourself and those around you. If there’s someone you’re grateful for, tell them!

Want to know more?

Why not check out some of our eBooks? Or come on down to the library to see what’s on offer!

Mindfulness for Students by Stella Cotrell
Mind Over Mood by Dennis Greenberger
A Joosr Guide to Mindfulness by Mark Williams & Danny Pennyman
Mindfulness by Gill Hassen

And if you’re just looking for something to put a smile back on your face, try our fiction range on the 2nd floor, or grab a CD or DVD from the third floor. You can even access free tv shows and broadcasts like Masters of Mindfulness or The Mindfulness Movement on Box of Broadcasts and Kanopy!

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