Easier access to e-books through LibrarySearch.


Easier access to e-books through LibrarySearch.

In the last year we’ve been accessing e-books like never before. This isn’t surprising, considering what’s been happening in the world. But even without Covid-19, academic e-books were making life simpler. They’re easily accessible from your own device, wherever you are. Not to mention they’re much lighter to carry and you can never return them late. However, we’ve heard from you that they weren’t as easy to access as you’d like… so we’ve been working on your feedback and given LibrarySearch a new look that will hopefully make those elusive e-book links a bit easier to find.

New “link to CCCU e-book” button

No more scouring the results screen for a hyperlink to grant you access. We’ve added a new “Link to CCCU e-book” button for each e-book listing. Access to your e-book is now a simple button click away. Just make sure you’re logged into LibrarySearch to easily gain access.

In the desktop view you’ll find the button to the right of the book listing.

LibrarySearch screenshot showing  new "Link to CCCU e-book" button
‘Link to CCCU e-book’ button to the top right of the listing

If you’re in the mobile view whilst searching on your phone, you’ll find the button on the bottom of each e-book listing.

Link to CCCU e-book button in mobile view
LibrarySearch in Mobile view

Access to audiobooks

It’s not just access to e-books though, you can now follow the same steps for accessing audiobooks too. Just use the “Go to CCCU audiobook’ button located in the same locations.

Link to CCCU audiobook

Let us know what you think about the new blue button look in the comments below.

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