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Why I Chose to Study… Computer Science


Why I Chose to Study… Computer Science

by Reem Khider, Year 1 Computer Science student, Canterbury Christ Church University

The ability of computers to impact on nearly everything in our life always amazed me and gave me a driving interest to learn more about that world. Computer Science opens up a wide range of opportunities which will enable me to go anywhere. I chose this course to enhance my skills and abilities in using different computational technologies and strengthen my programming skills. In addition, I look forward to developing extensive knowledge and experience about modern technologies in the field of computing, and their current challenges.

Apart from the location of Canterbury Christ Church University, in the heart of our beautiful city of Canterbury, what drew me to the University was its reputation as ”a practical-orientated university”. This is how many of my friends described CCCU, and I thought “that is exactly what I am looking for”. Then I found out that this degree also uses the pioneering CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate) education model, which is very important in helping me to gain the practical and professional skills that are needed for a successful future career. Personally, I have found the most enjoyable thing is collaborating with people, understanding their problems, and then applying my own knowledge to solve those problems, and produce something useful. It is like being the intermediate between people and the computer!

Canterbury Christ Church University is one of only a handful of UK universities to use the pioneering CDIO model, created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Under this highly practical and exciting model, students are supported to apply their theoretical learning to a real-world problem – conceiving the problem, designing a solution, implementing (or building) the solution, and operating (or testing) their solution. Where possible, problems are sourced from local businesses, to provide students with enhanced insight into the industry sectors, as well as supporting businesses to access our exceptional student talent.

From an early stage of my journey with the Computer Science team at CCCU, we have been directed to deal with practical real-world issues, which have been very useful in preparing us to be professionals in our fields. Since joining the University, I have experienced for myself the high level of teaching that we receive all the time. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such a friendly, approachable, and supportive group of tutors who are making every effort to help us to be successful. With the many difficulties and challenges of Covid-19 and the lockdown, plus difficult personal circumstances – being a mother of two daughters – it would have been nearly impossible to cope and manage my course without the support I received from across the University, personally and academically.

When I began this course I was shy, quiet, not confident, and felt worried about being a mature student. Slowly, I have become more vocal and I can see and feel myself flourishing with new confidence in my knowledge and skills.

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