Engineering at Canterbury Christ Church University

This is Engineering – Dr. Najah Battikh.

Engineering at Canterbury Christ Church University

This is Engineering – Dr. Najah Battikh.

Najah Battikh

Najah Battikh is a lecturer in chemical engineering, whose research examines the crystallisation behaviour in chemicals, a vital process in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, helping to produce more effective and reliable pharmaceuticals.

Since I was a child, I have been interested in how things that we use daily are made. Growing up in a family of engineers, I was motivated to study engineering as I was fascinated by the work they were doing. Over time, my passion for chemistry and math has grown more and more and my desire to  know how things we use every day are produced have led me to choose to study chemical engineering – it is the best way to fulfil my ambition and is a field which has the potential to grow interdisciplinary explorations.

My research focuses on developing a real-time video imaging system to monitor the crystallisation behaviour of different chemicals and how this can be utilised in combination with rapid heating and cooling to control the crystallisation process in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Over 90% of active pharmaceutical compounds (APIs) are produced in crystalline form, and so being able to control the crystallisation process is incredibly important in terms of a product’s properties and effectiveness.

I recently joined Canterbury Christ Church University as a lecturer in chemical engineering and most of my days are spent designing the modules I am teaching so that they incorporate real-life problems, helping students appreciate the industrial relevance of the subject and the application of theory they learn in the real world.

As an engineer, I have been amazed to discover the speedy development of high-tech based industry that supports people everyday life and contributes to environmentally friendly productions. Being part of the engineering community makes me proud of the diverse and impactful industrial processes that our field has helped to evolve. I am always encouraged to look at new ideas and ways to implement industrial related research projects and be part of this global contribution.

A career in engineering means a great opportunity to contribute to solving problems the world is facing, improving the quality of people’s life, and contributing to innovations.

Engineering to me is a limitless exploration that everyone can have a role in. The amazing thing about engineering is the involvement of interdisciplinary and inclusive explorations guided by the global challenges the world is facing. The efficiency of this area is of special value to me, especially in being able to contribute to suitable and evolving solutions, and the ongoing opportunity to learn new things and be creative.

Engineering makes a real difference to the world we live in by designing and improving many things we use and depend on in our daily life to ultimately improve the quality of our lives.

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