Engineering at Canterbury Christ Church University

New mechanical engineer starts at CCCU.

Engineering at Canterbury Christ Church University

New mechanical engineer starts at CCCU.

Dr. Joseph Camm is a lecturer in mechanical engineering in the School of Engineering, Technology and Design, and brings with him extensive experience from working in academia and the field of engineering.

Dr. Joseph Camm is a Lecturer in Engineering in the School of Engineering, Technology and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University and a chartered mechanical engineer. Joseph is excited to join the recently founded, and growing School of Engineering, Technology and Design, with the opportunity to contribute to the development of the new school in terms of teaching approach and research portfolio, and to help grow the UK’s capacity to train more engineering graduates.

Joseph said, “What impressed me most about the new School was the strong vision for new engineering programmes and future-ready campus facilities.”

Joseph has taught a variety of engineering subjects at university level, primarily in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, laser and optical measurement, and mechanics. He also has extensive experience as a Research Associate at Loughborough University and the University of Oxford, leading research projects on spray and combustion, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), and pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs).  

Having received a doctorate from the University of Oxford, for research on fuel injection and combustion in direct injection petrol engines, supported by Jaguar Land Rover and the EPSRC, Joseph explained that his drive to pursue this research was, not just the interesting technology and fundamental science involved, but the aims of the project to support the reduction of harmful vehicle emissions and improve air quality. 

Joseph’s research interests are wide, aiming to provide broad support to a range of engineering technologies, including:

  • Multi-phase flows, including fuel injector equipment, respiratory drug delivery devices (e.g. inhalers), spray drying and coating, crop spraying and of key relevance to the design of safe PPE to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases;
  • Applied thermodynamics, e.g. combustion engines, mitigation of harmful pollutants, energy efficiency of engineering systems and energy sources;
  • Optical and Laser measurement, using high-speed visualization and laser diagnostics to non-intrusively measure and characterize complex, transient phenomena;
  • Engineering simulation: with a keen interest in aiding the predictability of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation used by industry, to help businesses develop the next generation of their products quicker, with more confidence.

At CCCU, Joseph is looking forward to contributing to the development of engineering teaching and research at the new School and to building impactful and collaborative partnerships with industry and organizations.

If you would like to get in touch with Joseph to talk about his research and new role at Canterbury Christ Church University, visit his LinkedIn profile at

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