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Y is for…Yourself..


Y is for…Yourself..

Yep, you read that right. In this penultimate blog of the A-Z series, we’ll be thinking all about you.

Who are you? Think about it for a moment. How would you introduce yourself?

(NB: if you’re introduction includes a job title, with the word ‘just’ in front of it, stop it. You’re not ‘just’ anything, you’re doing something wonderful, you are someone wonderful, regardless of your job title and how some others may perceive it, but more on that another day).

Think about it a little more. What makes up you? What are your hobbies, or interests? What are your favourite life moments, and pet hates? Who are you beyond the workplace?

In our W is for Wellbeing blog, we talked about striking a good work/ life balance meaning building your social life outside of work. Now is the time to think – who are you outside of work? Who do you want to be? What are your values?

Recently I’ve been reading ‘Adventures of Opting Out’ by Cait Flanders, which suggested writing a three lines for what you hope your eulogy would say, then using those three lines to live by. I’ve also been reading ‘My Kind of Happy’ by Cathy Bramley, which talks of a ‘happy list’ – if you were to write a list of things you do in life that make you most happy, what would be on there? How can you incorporate more of that into your life?

This blog, in case you were wondering, isn’t full of answers. But it is full of questions, and the suggestion… the invitation, for you to take some time to ponder them for yourself. Because, in case you need a reminder; you matter. You’re important.

How is this related to your career? When you’ve got to know yourself a bit better, it’ll help you find the right next steps to take, which direction to travel. You’ll be on a lifelong mission of getting to know yourself – so ask yourself some of these questions more regularly, or when you come up to new decisions. Stop, take stock, give yourself a little Q&A, get to know yourself again, then proceed. You may even surprise yourself!

What would you say to yourself five years ago? What do you want your future self in 5 years to know?

Who are the people around you who are making a difference to your life for the better, who are helping you and inspiring you? (Take this as a nudge to send them a quick thanks!) And who are you helping and inspiring?

Look after yourself. Be kind to yourself. Get to know yourself. You know yourself better than anyone. You’re the expert on yourself. You’ll be hanging out with yourself for a lifetime, and you’ll be with yourself both at work and socially. Make sure you’re well-connected with yourself, and you’re representing yourself well. Never forget how invaluable yourself is; invest in yourself, and be proud of yourself.

NB: If this blog/ these questions have caught you in a tricky place, where exploring these feels unsafe to do alone, or you need some additional support – reach out for help. Mental health support and counselling are amazing tools to help you along your path of getting to know yourself better.

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2 comments on “Y is for…Yourself.

  1. I was just reading this blog as I got my latest job offer (a temporary position with the library). I wasn’t sure I did well in my interview as I started talking about an IT tips mailing list I made that was Vanilla Ice themed. But I think I won them over with my enthusiasm… even if it was a little zany.

    I’ve enjoyed reading this blog series and I’ll probably be bumping into you in Augustine House soon!

    1. Hi Nina, congratulations on your job offer – great news!

      We’re so glad you’ve found this series helpful!

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