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X is for…Work Experience Fund.


X is for…Work Experience Fund.

Looking for some funding to help boost your career chances after university? You may be eligible for the bursaries available via the Work Experience Fund. Find out more here. 

Ok, so X is hard to find words for, x-perience? We know it’s a little loose fitting, but this is a great opportunity we couldn’t miss telling you about!

If you’re looking for work experience but finding it financially difficult to take up the opportunity you really want, then you may be eligible to benefit from the Work Experience Fund. 

If your work experience is in an unpaid or low paid role, or has additional costs associated with taking up the opportunity, which would make it difficult for you to take the opportunity without financial assistance, we have two bursaries available to help. 

  • Travel Bursary – for assistance with travel costs (individual applications only). 
  • Career Start Bursary – for all other costs associated with the work experience including: 
    • potential money to test a business idea 
    • costs for buying suitable work wear 
    • ad hoc child care 
    • specialist software 
    • money to attend a conference etc. 

Full details of what the bursaries can be used for can be found in the WEF Terms & Conditions and FAQs. 

The bursaries have helped students obtain some fantastic opportunities in the past! Check out the vlog created by CCCU Alumni Katie Kent who used the Career Start Bursary to attend the National Youth Film Academy! 

National Youth Film Academy experience FUNDED by Canterbury Christ Church Uni – Katie’s Student Vlog 


Do note that applications to the Career Start and Travel bursaries are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Work Experience Fund 2020/21 will run until 31st July 2021 at 5pm or until funds are exhausted. Early applications are advised as funds are limited. So, apply as soon as possible if you are interested and could see this fund providing you with a fantastic chance to reach your career goals.  

For more details and to apply simply visit our website at:  

For any questions, simply email us at  

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