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Using library resources to prepare for interviews..


Using library resources to prepare for interviews..

Library help for interviews

Many employers like it when prospective employees have done some research about their organisations. It is also a good idea, to work out who you’d actually like to work for. The library has access to some resources which can help you dig deeper than a Google Search might allow:

Business Source Premier

This is a database of business-related information, including news, reports and journal articles. You can do a general search for articles about a company, but there are two features which are particularly useful for interview prep:

  • Company profiles (accessed from the top menu) give a fantastic overview of info about specific companies, including key facts, history, competitors and a SWOT analysis.
  • Industry profiles give an overview of particular industries in a region, including the state of the market, the key companies and any new and emerging employers.

[See more info at the Business Source Premier guide.]

Through CCCU, you can get extended access to, which as well as the full content of the Financial Times, gives a lot of detailed information about many major employers.

[See more info, including how to sign up, at the guide.]


Skills learned at university can often be translated to the world of work. Not just group working and IT skills, but many others. The ability to write and speak clearly to communicate a message is vital to academic study, but also to many roles in work. Similarly, the ability to research, to think critically and to understand information.

Learning Skills Hub

The Learning Skills Team from the library have created the Learning Skills Hub which has mini modules on many academic skills. Some of these have obvious application to employment, and can be accessed at any time. Examples: Teamworking, time management, note taking and the digital skills modules.

You can get ongoing careers support via the following ways:

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