Extreme times call for extreme skills. We don’t immediately think of those working in banks and financial services as keyworkers, but they absolutely are. Some of our graduates have let us know how lockdown has affected ‘business as usual’ for them…

When everything around us seems to be in an enormous state of flux, with stories in the news creating so much concern and anxiety, it leaves us feeling very unsettled and perhaps so very far from our comfort zones.  Be they home, university, or work life, it would be entirely normal to feel that this enormous disruption, and a seemingly impossible lack of control to our daily lives feels like it will never end.

Over many years working for a variety of financial services and banking organisations, there is one constant that features time and again… things always change and it’s one of the only things you can be certain about: nothing ever stays the same. Albeit, hard to recognise at first, this is a good thing. We ask: Where would we really be if we had a map of everything that was ahead of us and knew precisely from one day to the next what each would bring?  Unmotivated?  Uninspired?  Lacking Creativity?  Bored?  Bring all those together, and you would not perform well in any situation.

We have come to learn that the thing any good employees learn over the course of their career is that being adaptable, relevant and authentic are all attributes of staying positive, motivated and focused – taking whatever life may throw at you and learning to overcome barriers and hurdles that will inevitably challenge you – this will happen time and time and time again.  Studying at CCCU for your degree will give you a resilience and skillset that you might not yet realise. Your time there will build your confidence, belief in yourself and ultimately, teach you how to look at the many problems that will come your way in life, study and work. You may find, it has or will do the opposite at first. This is normal. Unknown, different and change are all situations many of us will avoid, but in truth – you can only grow, and become the best you by taking those uncharted steps.

The outbreak of coronavirus has tested even the most skilful employee and student to the max.  The skills you have acquired feel like they are being tested to the most extreme end of your capability. For example, working with customers or suppliers in a highly charged emotional state where everything they’ve worked for could be lost overnight, or company management requiring you to learn something completely new that you have no experience of. 

This is where adapting, learning and overcoming sometimes very difficult challenges tests you in ways you couldn’t predict.  But succeed you will. You just need to believe in yourself, trust yourself and be yourself, and remember; nobody becomes an expert in something overnight (I guess, unless you invent the very subject matter). But the sentiment is the same. Trees grow strongest in the harshest of winds, and most testing times. As will you. See your task through, and you will find a just reward.

There is an old adage of ‘do what scares you’.  Being reminded of this seems more relevant than ever – it’s magnificent for confidence building and finding out who you really are. We are always going to feel scared at times, but this is only an natural survival instinct when we feel threatened.  You are who you are, but with the determination to learn from this current situation and staying focused on what you can achieve will undoubtedly support a lifetime of success & happiness.

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