One week today is National Mentoring Day. We’re marking it and celebrating it by connecting you with opportunities to consider beginning your own business and business mentoring. Has this unprecedented time inspired you to think of something completely new, perhaps owning your own business? If you’re intrigued, read on…

Karl was a student at CCCU. Since then, he’s owned his own business (JK Online), and after great success, has completed a merger with another business (Clockwork Moggy). What’s helped him through his business journey so far? Mentoring.

To help mark National Mentoring Day, on Tuesday 27th October, we have a free online workshop at 2pm called ‘Beginning Your Business’ facilitated by Rowan, from Kent Foundation. Rowan and her colleagues supported Karl hugely with his business, and he still stays in touch. Whether you’re just intrigued, have the seed of an idea, or you’re ready with your full business plan, make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

The Kent Foundation is a place for ambitious young business owners of Kent to receive business mentoring support, develop their business ideas and get the support to turn them into a reality and boost the economy of Kent through business creation, business start-up and business growth. Come and meet Rowan virtually, and hear more about what you can do to turn your ideas into a successful business!

Need any more convincing? This is Karl letting you know why this matters:

Karl Cowell, Clockwork Moggy

More information about Kent Foundation can be found here.

More information about beginning your own business can be found on the Careers and Enterprise Hub, here.

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