A representative from Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s European Head Office in Surrey has been in touch to invite all CCCU students to take a look at and apply for their 2018-19 placement opportunities.



Tender and Sales https://www.enterprisealive.co.uk/job/tender-and-sales-placement-internship-12-months-egham/

Business Analyst (Finance) – https://www.enterprisealive.co.uk/job/business-analyst-finance-placement-internship-12-months-egham/

HR Placement https://www.enterprisealive.co.uk/job/human-resources-placement-internship-12-months-egham/

Finance – https://www.enterprisealive.co.uk/job/finance-placement-internship-12-months-egham/

IT Infrastructurehttps://www.enterprisealive.co.uk/job/infrastructure-it-placement-internship-12-months-egham/

Recruitment and Digital Marketing – https://www.enterprisealive.co.uk/job/recruitment-and-digital-marketing-placement-internship-12-months-egham/

Revenue and Pricing Analysthttps://www.enterprisealive.co.uk/job/revenue-and-pricing-analyst-placement-internship-12-months-egham/


“Why encourage your students to join us here at the European Headquarters?

“As a company, we do not discriminate by university and actively encourage applications from all universities, unlike some other multinationals. These roles provide a great chance for your students to work at the European Headquarters of a world leading brand, where they will come into genuinely regular contact with senior level leaders of the company. With this comes responsibility that will really see them develop themselves, and I can speak hand on heart and say this isn’t just a cliché here, as I write this sat looking at the European HR Director.

“Our campus here is also a great environment to work in – we have ‘Cake/Celebration Days’ every month and an ice cream van and bakers van comes round every day. Furthermore there is a seasonal party for all employees, alternating between summer and winter each year. We also have a smart casual dress code every Friday to relax the corporate environment. Our interns will also working in a brand new, purpose built environment – half of our campus was specifically designed for Enterprise’s needs and only opened last January.

“Our interns get a welcome trip and a farewell trip, and last year they to Segway-ing and to Lazer Quest! They also get lunch out with their manager in the first week to help them settle in and welcome drinks too.

“There is also a host of committees interns can get involved in; from the Wellness Committee through to the Diversity Committee and the Committee for Enterprising Women. Due to this there are free personal training sessions 3 times a week, yoga sessions and a ‘Couch-to-5K’ program – all provided free of charge for all abilities!”


Enterprise Rent-a-Car is an internationally recognised brand, based in Surrey. If you want to be part of this fantastic company with great employee reviews, check out the links and see what they can do for in your placement year!