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A Year In New York: The Mountbatten Programme.


A Year In New York: The Mountbatten Programme.

CCCU is happy to promote this fantastic opportunity for our final year students and alumni…

What is the New York Program?

The Mountbatten Program offers a career-defining program for young professionals looking to jump-start their career in a globally competitive business environment.

We welcome approximately 100 successful applicants to New York City every March and August and provide them with an internship in a leading organization, a tech focused professional development program ‘Digital Fluency‘ and an opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of New York City.

Mountbatten Program, in partnership with Mountbatten Institute, also offer optional postgraduate academic qualifications, awarded by UK Universities.

New York is one of the most exciting and fast-paced cities in the world and we want to make sure that you have the time of your life whilst gaining invaluable professional development. Our hassle-free approach means we take care of the key elements during your year in an international city, including:

Trainees receive more in benefits than the cost of the Program, making a year in New York City great value for money, as well as great fun!

Living in New York City

Our Mountbatten Program Trainees often describe their 12 months in New York as the ‘best year’ of their lives.

The Program provides rent-free accommodation for all our Trainees along with roommates from the Program. This shared accommodation is in easy reach of the city and provides the opportunity for Trainees to make friends fast.

Find out more about the Mountbatten Program accommodation in New York.

Outside of their internship and study our Trainees like to explore the city and the rest of the USA, making the most of their #MountbattenLife. From brunch to cultural events, trips to the Jersey Shore, Canada or California, they like to jam-pack their free time and create incredible memories.

For more ideas on what you could be doing on your year in New York, follow our Trainees on Instagram at @mountbatten.i and #MountbattenLife.

Working in New York City

International experience elevates a CV so we work with leading organizations across New York to provide full-time internship opportunities for our Trainees. You will be placed with your host organization for the full year and internships are offered across a range of sectors and in a number of departments.

Read more about who our New York host organizations are and what you can expect from your internship.

Future-proofing your career in New York City

To complement your international internship all Mountbatten Program Trainees take part in our Digital Fluency program, in collaboration with Decoded. This five-session program aims to equip Mountbattens with the skills and understanding to enter the new digital workforce and is typically reserved for large multinational organizations.

Studying in New York City

Mountbatten Program Trainees also have the option to enrol in an academic program, further enhancing their CV and business qualifications. In partnership with Mountbatten Institute we offer an MA in Entrepreneurial Management and an MBA in International Business Practice.

Read more about our academic programs in New York.

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