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Whilst many students have a positive practice placement experiences, a significant proportion of Black, Asian, Mixed Heritage and Minority Ethnic students experience racism, micro-aggressions, unconscious bias within practice placement. These include (but not limited to):

  • Racist remarks and/or microaggressions from patients, clients and members of staff e.g. A patient refusing to be examined by the student.
  • Shortening the name of the student so that it is easier to say
  • Unconsciously making assumptions about the student’s ability or their culture based on their name or the colour of their skin.
  • Discussions on race, religion, culture in which the student is expected to provide the answer.

Below is an animation created by the students on the Bridging the Gap to Leadership project. The animation explores microaggressions and the experiences of Black, Asian, Mixed Heritage and Minority Ethnic Students on placement as well as other protected characteristics. We recommend that you use the animation to reflect on your own practices and the practices within your organisation. The animation is based real case scenarios and can be used for training.

Find out about the students who have taken part, or are currently taking part in the Bridging the Gap to Leadership project and how it has helped them.

Supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

This video has been created by Marie Rule (CCCU), Bartolomeu Cunha (CCCU), Jack Chan (UoB) and Saam Serafini (UoB) to help raise awareness of the challenges experienced by students that have English as a second language