Introducing our new Academic Tutor: Thahmina Begum Thaniya


Introducing our new Academic Tutor: Thahmina Begum Thaniya

I am pleased to join the Law and Politics Section of CCCU as an Academic Tutor. I will work across both departments to assist course delivery through teaching and study skills and pastoral support for Politics, International Relations and Law students.

Before joining CCCU, I worked at LSE’s Eden Centre for Education Enhancement, where I conducted research projects to support the implementation of the School’s Inclusive Education Action Plan. I have assessed institutional data, carried out qualitative research with staff and students, and analysed academic and policy literature to develop recommendations to strengthen student support mechanisms and highlight student experiences that do not feature through existing feedback processes.

I completed an MSc in International Relations at LSE and attained a BA (Hons) in History and Politics from Queen Mary University of London. My research interests include examining alternative organising frameworks in world politics and the transnational mobilising abilities of non-state actors, specifically in the Middle East and South Asia. I am interested in understanding how concepts such as justice and community have been interpreted historically by people who have taken part in transnational solidarity movements and delving deeper into the connections between those whose spatial and temporal lines disrupt traditional national boundaries.

Having spent the last seven years in the Higher Education sector as a student and staff member, I have grown a passion for understanding students’ multifaceted experiences of the teaching and learning environment. I am dedicated to supporting student growth, improving partnerships with the student community, and encouraging students to globalise their understanding of human experiences while ensuring empathy lies at the heart of my work.

You can contact me via email – thahmina.begumthaniya@canterbury.ac.uk

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