Making Politics Matter is happy to invite you to the following event: Ukraine on the Brink to War?

Ukraine has dominated news reports in recent weeks. As a result of refusing to tie closer links with the EU by President Yanukovich a public movement started, which was able to remove him from power. As a result, a new interim government took power and has tried to forge closer links between Ukraine and the EU. However, particularly in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine people have been unsupportive of the changes in Kiev, and they continue to support stronger links with Moscow. In March 2014 Russian troops occupied Crimea and there is an intense risk of war between Ukraine and Russia.


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Dr Erin Baumann is a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin.  Her expertise is in foreign policy analysis, particularly the post-Soviet space.  She has been a visiting research fellow at Belarusian State University and National University of Kyiv – Mohyla Academy, Ukraine.

She will be speaking at The Old Sessions House, OG32 (The Old Court Room) on Tuesday, 11 March at 7pm.

The event is free and no registration is required.