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Dance Girls Can.


Dance Girls Can.

I got into dance the same way that many people do – my mum sent me off to ballet and tap. I’ve been dancing since I was around 18 months old (whether you can call that dancing I don’t know) and haven’t stopped since.

I started off with the basics like ballet and tap and then discovered that they weren’t exactly my favourites. I changed dance school and had the chance to pick up many different classes, this ensured I was doing all the styles that I loved and enjoyed.

from dancing in the Royal Albert hall to being on tour with professionals from Strictly Come Dancing …

The opportunities I have had from dance are ones that I never thought I would have, from dancing in the Royal Albert hall to being on tour with professionals from Strictly Come Dancing, or simply getting up in-front of a large group of people and dancing and feeling confident in doing so.

Dance enables me to keep improving, it enables me to work on things I never thought I’d be able to do, and it means there’s always a new style or move to learn. Because of this, dance never gets boring!

Since picking up dance again at Uni, I’ve learnt new skills and styles which I never thought I’d be able to try! Dance gives me so many opportunities to grow – this includes anything from developing those new skills within dance to greater self-confidence. The best part about joining Dance at this University for me was the sheer number of people I met and became friends with. Without joining dance, I would not have had the chance to become Social Secretary, Wellbeing Officer and Vice President. Having these roles has enabled me to improve my confidence off-stage and also to have the opportunity to improve the club which I’m so passionate about. My favourite part about university is being a part of the Team Christ Church community, it’s just like having a family away from home. 

Rebecca Broadley
Canterbury Christ Church University Student

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