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U is for… Unitemps.


U is for… Unitemps.

What is Unitemps? How can they help you with your career? Read on to find out more…

It’s likely that you’ve already heard of us around the University, but if you haven’t, here’s a bit of information:

  • Unitemps are CCCU’s in house recruitment agency and we are responsible for temporary jobs here at CCCU.
  • Our branch was launched in 2015 and there are 18 Unitemps branches owned by different Universities across the UK network.
  • We specialise in vacancies for students and graduates.
  • We work with businesses across Kent and Medway to provide a range of temporary and permanent opportunities.
  • Through Unitemps you can develop valuable work experience and earn money whilst you study. All our vacancies offer at least £9 per hour.
  • You can apply to all our vacancies through

So, it is fair to say Unitemps is a great way to kick-start your career; whether through casual work whilst you study, securing an internship, or through a graduate position once you have completed your degree.

Through Unitemps there is an opportunity to gain experience across several areas, whether separate to your university course, or aligned to your degree programme. Either way, it can provide a great stepping stone, giving you great experience and potentially a foot in the door with a local business.

So, what opportunities are available through Unitemps?

Well, at the point of writing this we have a fantastic range of temporary and permanent roles for students and graduates.

Here at CCCU these include:

  • Simulated Patients – supporting CCCU’s health and medical courses.
  • Student Ambassadors – working for the university’s schools and college engagement team.
  • Digital Designer.
  • Coder/Developer.
  • Research Assistant.

Outside the university with local businesses, these include:

  • Graduate Product Developer.
  • Accounts Analyst.
  • Support Business Analyst.
  • Community ad Events Fundraising officer.
  • Customer Service Advisors.
  • Trainee Career Advisor.
  • Support workers.

These are just a snippet of the vacancies we have across the year, so if you are searching for work, make sure you check on a regular basis for our latest opportunities.

This sounds great, how do I sign up?

To sign up simply visit, complete your personal details and upload a CV. Don’t forget to use CV Builder and CV360 (for a CV check), both great resources offered by the Careers and Enterprise Hub. They’ll also do a ‘human check’ of your CV if you send it to them on They also have CV workshops, so watch out for those and book on here.

Simple as that, once you have signed up you can apply to our vacancies, don’t forget to tailor your CV and cover letter according to each job.

What else do I need to know?

  • If you opt into emails when you create an account, you’ll be sent regular updates with our latest vacancies.
  • Unitemps workers submit weekly timesheets through depending on the hours worked.
  • Workers get paid on a monthly basis.

It would be helpful to hear about the experience of a Unitemps worker…

Well, you are in luck. We spoke to one of our temps who started their career by securing a role through Unitemps. This is what they had to say:

“Unitemps gave me the break that I needed to start my career, having completed my degree but not having much work experience (other than waitressing alongside my studies!), I managed to secure a temporary role related to my degree within the University.
This role gave me significant experience in areas that I was lacking; it gave me the opportunity to build relations within the University and allowed for me to grow and develop my skillset in such a short period of time. I then went on to secure a permanent role within the University after completing my 3-month temporary position. I truly believe if I hadn’t had started my career by gaining this experience with Unitemps, I wouldn’t have been successful in securing my permanent role and would recommend it to any students, new graduates or anybody looking for a career change who wishes to gain experience in other fields.”

So… what are you waiting for? If you have any questions about Unitemps, please check for further information and get in touch with the team at

Getting further support from The Careers and Enterprise Team at CCCU

You can get ongoing careers support via the following ways:

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2 comments on “U is for… Unitemps

  1. Another great thing about Unitemps is they are very supportive and understanding of study commitments. I used to temp with them a few years ago and they really helped me get work in education. I have had jobs before with other agencies before I moved to Kent where I was expected to miss lectures/seminars if they needed me for a shift! Unitemps don’t do that – which meant I felt like I was not disappointing my employers or taking time away from my studying. They really helped me feel more confident.

    1. Absolutely agree, Nina! Our Unitemps team are fantastic, and really friendly. Thank you for sharing your lovely experience!

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