All you need to know about taking advantage of this great opportunity!

Here we’ll be answering the top 5 FAQs, and giving you the full low-down on this amazing opportunity, but first, here’s an image which hopefully will help! (If not, keep scrolling…)

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1. What are these Microsoft workshops all about?

As a CCCU current student or recent graduate (within 3 years) we’re giving you the opportunity to gain some free additional qualifications, to prove your IT skills on any future job application. All you need to do is sign up to a workshop on our Eventbrite page here, and then prepare to begin a journey of awe and wonder (and epic new skills that’ll help on your course, and into your future).

2. Are all the workshops for one exam, or are there separate exams for each area?

You take the Microsoft Word workshop, then you get access to that exam. You take the PowerPoint workshop, then you can book for that exam etc. The exams are split into the different areas.

My advice? Do one workshop and exam a month to pace yourself. Start with word, and do them in order – as they typically get harder depending on your experience with each.

3. How can I prepare myself for the exam?

Once you’ve attended a full workshop, the post-workshop email will give you a link to a training portal, where you can revise some more, and have a go at a practice exam. This is a really good idea to get a feel for how it works, and the timing. I can’t recommend this more if you want to pass first time! We also have a Teams community which you’ll be invited to join, so you can ask questions and get some peer support and share celebrations there too.

4. What do I do once I’ve passed an exam?

Celebrate! You’ll receive your result immediately either way. You’ll get some emails congratulating you and showing you how to retrieve your LinkedIn badge etc. Do add this to your LinkedIn profile, and if you tag us in, we’ll gladly publicly congratulate you on your great achievement! Don’t forget to update your CV with this too. We recommend a dance around the room before you book on to your next workshop. Embrace the moment!

We recommend a dance around the room before you book on to your next workshop. Embrace the moment!

5. What if I don’t pass?

If you attend the full workshop, do some revision and the practice exams, and come prepared, you shouldn’t have too much trouble passing. If you are struggling though, we’ll give you some more support and let you re-take. We’re all about helping and supporting you to achieve this!

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