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My Whole Self: A Call for Photographs


My Whole Self: A Call for Photographs

Canterbury Christ Church University wants to celebrate the individuals who make up our community. How do you bring your whole self to your work and studies?

The photographs will be shown in an exhibition on campus at the start of the 2022/23 academic year. All participants will be invited to the opening reception.

Three submissions will be selected at random to win vouchers from the CCCU Bookshop.

What do we mean by ‘whole self’? This means all the different things that make up who you are, so what makes you you! You could for example consider this in terms of your studies, interests and passions, your gender, race, nationality, faith, sexual orientation, family, groups you belong to and so on. We all have so many different aspects to ourselves and at CCCU we want to celebrate them all and how they intersect with each other in diverse and beautiful combinations.

Your photo could be:

  • a picture of yourself
  • a picture of your friends, colleagues, society or team
  • a photograph of objects that represent you and the work you do at CCCU.

Please send all submissions to by April 18th.

Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Course/Department
  • Email Address
  • Title of Image(s)
  • Two sentences about why this photograph shows the Whole You
  • Image File (1MB min, up to three images)
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2 comments on “My Whole Self: A Call for Photographs

    1. Thanks for your question! We would ask that you submit a digital image of your analogue photo when you submit it. We should be able to display the physical photo in the actual exhibition.

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