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Meet the Arts and Culture Interns: Xiaoxiao Gao


Meet the Arts and Culture Interns: Xiaoxiao Gao

Student Xiaoxiao Gao inside Canterbury Cathdral

The Arts and Culture team is thrilled to welcome five student interns who will be working with us over the 2023-2024 academic year. We’ve asked each of them to introduce themselves in a blog post.

Xiaoxiao is a current PhD student who is normally based in Changzhou, China. She is living in Canterbury to complete the final year of her studies.

Student Xiaoxiao Gao inside Canterbury Cathdral
A&C Intern, Xiaoxiao Gao, visiting Canterbury Cathedral

Hi, I’m Xiaoxiao Gao. Life is akin to a continuous journey of exploration, where each stop is filled with fresh experiences and memorable vistas. Who can truly foresee the path ahead? Years ago, I first set foot on British soil, immersing myself in the culture and learning with an open heart. Unexpectedly, after so many years, the threads of fate guided me back to the UK to further my academic endeavors.

My relationship with the UK feels like an ongoing novel, with chapters still waiting to be written. Here, I completed my master’s degree and then made the choice to return to my homeland, pouring my efforts into my career and dreams. Yet, the inner yearning for knowledge and a profound quest beckoned me once more. I chose to leave my position, return to Britain, and embark on the scholarly path towards a PhD.

During my time at CCCU, I was fortunate to join The Arts and Culture team, providing an avenue to leverage my expertise in artistic design. Speaking of my bond with art, it’s been a passionate journey. Since childhood, I’ve been deeply enthralled by art, with a particular fondness for painting. This fervor has accompanied me through every stage of life, leading me to delve deep into fields ranging from interior design, landscape design, and architectural design to museum studies and audience research. I aspire to enrich and enhance people’s lives through art, allowing many to appreciate its captivating allure. I am committed to giving my all and contributing my strength and passion to this team.

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