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Meet the Arts and Culture Interns: Matt Jones


Meet the Arts and Culture Interns: Matt Jones

Matt Jones

The Arts and Culture team is thrilled to welcome five student interns who will be working with us over the 2023-2024 academic year. We’ve asked each of them to introduce themselves in a blog post.

Matt Jones
A&C Intern Matt Jones

My name is Matt, I am a post-grad studying for an MA in Game Design.

I have always been enthralled by the arts, specifically the performing arts, and as such spent a lot of my teenage years in and around the Norwich Theatre Royal. Having studied performing arts at City College Norwich I have always had an affinity for the performance space and feel privileged to be back in and around that environment once again.

Having been away from the performing arts and now being an Arts and culture intern, has rekindled my love of the theatre as well as the various art forms that we put on over the year. Although it has long been debated whether video games can truly be considered art, I am here to bring games and their designing into the fold of arts and culture. I am excited to be involved with the team behind all the wonderful events happening across and outside of Canterbury Christ Church University.

I hope to be able to bring my enthusiasm for game design to my role as an Arts and Culture intern and bring performances or art installations that encompass what to me make games the 8th art form.

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