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Meet the Arts and Culture Interns: Chido Matiyenga


Meet the Arts and Culture Interns: Chido Matiyenga

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The Arts and Culture team is thrilled to welcome five student interns who will be working with us over the 2023-2024 academic year. We’ve asked each of them to introduce themselves in a blog post.

Chido Matiyenga
Arts and Culture Intern Chido Matiyenga

Hi there! I’m Chido, a 2nd year Biomedical Engineering student from Zimbabwe. For this academic year, my main goal was to immerse myself in all that the University offers while testing my capabilities. This resulted in me applying to be an Art and Culture Intern.  

I chose to be an Art and culture intern because I’ve always been passionate about event planning and hosting. In fact, my family calls me the family planner because I’m always the first to volunteer to send out invites, prepare the menu and cook-up a storm when there’s a slight mention of getting together. It brings me joy to see events come together and all the work that goes into it.  

Apart from event planning, I enjoy attending open mic events, comedy shows, exploring new places, baking, and working out. I always say, you’ll find me where the good music is and if the plans don’t get out of the group chat, do yourself a favour and go. You will make friends there! 

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