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Meet the Team – Phil Naylor


Meet the Team – Phil Naylor

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What do the Student Life and Wellbeing (SLW) Team do? 

The SLW team can meet with you face-to-face and online if you are experiencing any issues you would like to discuss. The team may be able to assist you with your issue or can signpost you to other services if necessary. 

Meet the Team

Student Support Coordinator – Phil Naylor (he/him)

Phil is the brand new Student Support Coordinator and is very excited to be joining! Despite working mostly behind the scenes, you’ll still see him around. He is looking forward to helping in any way – whether that’s in his admin duties or being a friendly face around the building. His background is in Social Work, and he has worked with young people and students for most of his career. Phil is Canadian, but since moving here in 2019 he has enjoyed incorporating the British pastimes of pub quizzes, beans on toast, and sarcasm. He is also a big one for sports, novels, podcasts, and British comedy.

What’s one fact about you from your uni days?

I did a Bachelor of Social Work in Victoria Canada and during that I also worked for a charity that set up young people with mentors. Instead of doing my studies full time, I got hired at my first practicum placement, so I took a few more years to finish my degree. But I’d say the on the job education was just as valuable!

What’s one piece of advice you want to give to students?

It can be overwhelming to be social, but it’s one of the best predictors of physical (and mental) health. A tip is to have a consistent event in your schedule each week, that way it’s a low pressure environment each time you go, and so you can just be yourself.

If you were to go back and study again now, what subject would you choose?

Teaching maybe?? I’d love to be a fun teacher, making my own creativity lessons if they’d let me. 🙂

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