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Meet the Team – Sanjidah Islam


Meet the Team – Sanjidah Islam

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What do the Student Life and Wellbeing (SLW) Team do? 

The SLW team can meet with you face-to-face and online if you are experiencing any issues you would like to discuss. The team may be able to assist you with your issue or can signpost you to other services if necessary. 

Meet the Team 

Student Support Officer – Sanjidah Islam (she/her) 

Sanjidah’s role in the SLW team includes meeting with students and coordinating communications for the team. She is very passionate about supporting students and has worked in Higher Education since 2017 in various capacities. Sanjidah’s background is in Psychology and she is currently completing a PhD in the subject. Her thesis focuses on supporting victims in the UK criminal justice system. Outside of her work, Sanjidah enjoys reading, music, crafts, and activism. 

What’s one fact about you from your uni days? 

I found out after I left that they would use my coursework to show other students what a good piece of work looks like. 🤓 

What’s one piece of advice you want to give to students? 

Prioritise – you can’t do everything so you have to choose what matters to you most. 

If you were to go back and study again now, what subject would you choose? 

I haven’t exactly left my studies yet! But I would go back and study veterinary medicine – any excuse to be around animals. 

Student Support Coordinator 

The SLW team also has a Student Support Coordinator who works mostly behind the scenes, although you may hear from them from time-to-time. Our Student Support Coordinator works tirelessly checking in on students, booking meetings, allocating personal tutors, organising events and more! 

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