Lecturers and Students involved in Web TV Programme on Food Scarcity.


Lecturers and Students involved in Web TV Programme on Food Scarcity.

As part of the second year politics module ‘Global Governance’ we will be teaming up with our good friends at GlobalNet21, an NGO that promotes public discussion and debate on issues of global importance, to host a Web TV programme on Food Scarcity.  This takes place on Monday 08/12/14 at 1.00pm and you can join us through the direct link http://tinyurl.com/TVapex-GlobalNet21-LIVE.  You will be able to join and ask questions live during the programme.

We have already made some information videos on the key issues around food scarcity with members of our staff.


While our students have made their own videos with their own interpretation of the issues around food scarcity.


Students from the University of Tampa in Florida, USA and the NGO Practical Action are also involved in the WebTV programme.  This is the first in what will be a series of WebTV programmes on major political and social issues with informative content generated by our staff and students.  In the educational technology parlance these are called ‘Durable Learning Objects‘, we like to think of it as the future of education and a great way to engage the wider community.  Do join us!

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