Bigger than Wembley….. 


Bigger than Wembley….. 

Access our Technical Services offer- 30% off, 360 solution for your innovation and R&D needs

Did you know that the Verena Holmes Building at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), a multi-million-pound facility and home to our Science, Technology, Health, Engineering and Medicine provision, is big enough to fit four football pitches? Measuring 17,000 sqm, Verena Holmes houses more than 1000 types of equipment, ranging from laboratory kit to highly specialised equipment such as the confocal microscope. 

Another accolade is that CCCU has a successful track record of working with industry to support problem formulation and drive innovative solutions through our research and development, providing organisations with access to advanced resources, expertise, and cutting-edge technology. 

Empowering Innovation: 360 Support for Your Research Success 

360 solutions for your technical and R&D needs | 30% off introductory offer* 

simple | easy | accessible 

On the back of this success, we are proud to launch our Technical Services, designed to cater to a variety of needs, ranging from brief, high-impact component analysis to more comprehensive, bespoke research and technical support packages. 

Innovative support for business advancement

At the heart of this initiative is our dedication to innovative problem-solving. Equipped with state-of-the-art resources, the latest technology, and a plethora of subject-leading professionals, we have a proven track record of collaborating with industry experts to address their challenges and drive growth.  

Essential offerings for your success

1. Verification from reputable sources: by nature, collaborating with academia or expertise ensures a solid foundation for projects, providing the credibility needed for investors and stakeholders.

2. Access to cutting-edge equipment: from state-of-the-art equipment to specialised facilities, our shared lab space provides the tools necessary for a range of research endeavours.

3. Data-driven: we assist in developing robust data, helping you secure the financial support needed to propel your projects forward.

4. Patent validation: our collaborative space supports the validation and securing of patents, safeguarding your intellectual property.

How this can benefit you

1. Diversification of services: partnering with us can lead to opportunities to expand your service offerings through prototyping, creation and demonstration of innovative new technologies, process optimisation, product and service developments.

2. Bridging the gap: our shared lab space acts as a bridge between academia and industry, fostering a collaboration that can accelerate innovation.

3. Investment facilitation: we assist in acquiring investment, leveraging our networks and expertise to support your business growth. You do not have to be alone in finding solutions to ensure a project comes to light.

4. Adapting to business needs: we understand that each business is unique. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor our services to your specific requirements.

5. Financial initiatives: even if funding isn’t immediately secured, our initiatives can provide interim options, ensuring your projects can progress.

Equipment & facilities onsite, at Canterbury Christ Church University

We offer supported access to our specialist spaces to deliver your training needs, enhance your business, or to enable you to develop your products or services.

This can range from photography studios to health simulation suites, professional music recording facilities, exhibition spaces, science laboratories, and sports science laboratories.

Our equipment list can be found here.

Industrial Liaison Labs- A joint initiative delivered by Canterbury Christ Church University and Discovery Park, providing organisations to access a shared lab facility for their analytical and research needs. Supported by qualified academic and technical staff, CoLab is the ideal coworking lab space to get started, advance your research and propel your business forward.

Access our state-of-the-art facilities and technology, use specialist equipment and resources: businesses, budding entrepreneurs, and innovators can design, test, and bring ideas to market with the assistance of our highly qualified team. Projects can vary from several hours undertaking analysis on a component, to providing a comprehensive package of analytical and technical support based on a research brief.

Seamless access and confidential collaboration…

But don’t take it from us, hear from other organisations!

“Working together has presented significant benefits to our business. We have been fortunate to collaborate on some key projects which has resulted in valuable data that we are likely to use in the future to further our own product development, possibly leading to commercialisation of a novel assay. I’d encourage other companies to collaborate with ChristChurch and academia in general.” DOM BECKITT | GLOBAL PRODUCT MANAGER AND PRINCIPAL SCIENTIST, GENEA BIOMEDX

“As a start-up business with global-sized dreams, investigating the research and development of our ideas for a natural solution to our climate emergency and global water crisis seemed like an extraordinarily tall mountain to climb. Canterbury Christ Church University’s academic team made our mission into something achievable, easy, understandable, and exciting. The team’s undeniable talent, expertise, compassion, and communication skills have created a fantastic relationship between Bare Native and the University.” ABIGAIL GIBSON-WASS | FOUNDER AND CEO, BARE NATIV

If you or your organisation is interested in accessing our Technical Services, enquire now and benefit from a *30% grant for capital/equipment usage if used by March 31st 2024.




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