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2022 BA Exhibition.


2022 BA Exhibition.

BA Exhibition Opening Reception Banenr

Creativity at CCCU – BA Exhibition

The 2022 BA Exhibition opens tomorrow and today we have a blog post from MA student Lucy Kennedy about her experiences in supporting the project:

The University will be proudly presenting the creative students’ end of year work in Daphne Oram Creative Arts Building from the 27th of May – 12th June. The exhibition will begin with an opening night event on the 27th of May from 4pm. This exhibition is an exciting opportunity for friends, family and the wider community to view the creative work that the students have worked so hard on. The exhibition will be showcasing work from nine courses including Graphic Design, Games Design, Creative Writing, Digital Media and Photography. We are keen to support our students at the end of their exciting, creative journey and encourage them to continue in their creativity by celebrating them and their work over the coming weeks.

This event has been organised by the brilliant Arts and Cultural team, with the help of two MA students, Lucy Kennedy (myself), and Miroslava Karaskova. We are taking a module that encourages collaborative working, and this event was a perfect way to demonstrate and refine our skills in this area. You may have seen that we have been promoting the event throughout May by putting up posters around campus, and we have been brainstorming the most efficient way to signpost the route of the building for the visitors. Miroslava has said that her design skills have been refined when creating the posters and branding on software such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I have been able to gain some exhibition experience which is vital for the career path I want to take to be a curator. We have both gained valuable collaborative experience regarding working with a client and in a team to put this showcase together. We will be involved in physically building the exhibition and using the space in a creative and inspiring way to showcase the artwork. This is a really exciting time for staff and students at the university and we hope to CCCU at the exhibition!

Lucy Kennedy, MA student, School of Creative Arts and Industries

You can find details of the exhibition reception here. We also invite you to join us for a Community Tea Party for the exhibition on June 9th.

Many of the exhibitions and showreels can be seen on the School of Creative Arts and Industries’ website.

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