Faith in the Nexus Seminar: Spiritual Leadership of Church Primary School Headteachers, led by Ursula Eisl (NICER intern) in conversation with Dr Ann Casson. 

Date presented: July 7th 2021

This Faith in the Nexus seminar explores the role that headteachers play in shaping a church school culture that allows for spiritual growth in children and facilitates children’s exploration of faith in the home. Ursula Eisl shares her findings from an analysis of the head teachers use of language to portray their school’s role in facilitating the children’s exploration of faith. How such language is framed and communicated is vital for church school leaders. The data reveals considerable variation in the language that church school headteachers employ to express their vision for a school culture that fosters growth and helps promote a community of inclusivity.

Ann Pittaway

Research and Development Lead at the National Institute for Christian Education Research (NICER), Canterbury Christ Church University.