Understanding academic sources.


Understanding academic sources.

Before you start searching for information to use in your assignments, it is important to understand the different types of resource you will be using – why they are thought of as “academic” and what distinguishes them from other, non-academic material.  We’ll look at the different elements that make up a resource, such as a journal, journal article or e-book.  We’ll also talk about those items that are considered “primary” source material and how they differ from “secondary” sources. 


1 Landing page

2 Learning Outcomes

3 What are the different types of resource I will be using? 

4 Print or electronic – what’s the difference and which should I use? 

5 What is meant by primary and secondary sources? 

6 Assess your learning

7 Reflect and feedback

8 Extend your learning

Author: Lawrence Dean
Co-created by: Jodie Calleja
Last updated: August 2020